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Social distancing during youth group doesn’t have to take away all the fun! You just have to be creative and have the right ideas! With youth groups finding new ways to meet safely, there’s also a need to fill the experience with fun games and ideas, and we’re here to help! In this post, you’ll find over 80 of our favorite youth group ideas that can be modified for social distancing.

This massive list of games, activities, contests, and tournaments is here to inspire you to craft a youth group meeting that is both safe and memorable. If you have any ideas – add to the comments below! We would love to hear what’s working, or perhaps, not working for your youth group.

We’ve included a lot of variety in this list to help you find something that fits your group. However, we also encourage you to think about your youth group’s favorite games, activities, and traditions. What youth group favorites can be replicated or modified to include social distancing and safe practices? Obviously not every idea will work, but there may be workarounds for enhanced safety, and we wish you all the best as you meet the challenging needs of ministering in the social distancing era!

Below we have organized our social distancing games into several categories to help you find exactly what you need and what will fit your youth group.

80+ Social Distancing Games For Youth Group

Indoor Games

All of the “indoor games” can be played outside so if you are only meeting outside, you can still use the list below.

Outdoor Games

  • Frisbee/Frisbee Golf (Individual frisbees)
  • Hide and Go Seek (visual spotting and no hiding together)
  • Cornhole (individual bean bags and boards)
  • Bowling (you can use water bottles and a regular ball and have everyone compete on their own “alley”)
  • Putt-putt (individual balls and putters)
  • Croquet (individual mallets)
  • Bocce Ball (individual balls)
  • Life-Action Fooseball (think soccer but the youth cannot move far from where they are just like foosball players)
  • Horseshoe (individual pins and horseshoes)
  • Hacky Sack (individual sacks)

More Social Distancing Games For Youth Group

Youth LOVE contests and competitions, below are a whole bunch of ideas that should require a prize for winning. Prizes are so super simple to do with youth. simply go to Sam’s Club and buy a pack of full-size candy bars and use a candy bar as a prize, they’ll love it. Also you could go to the dollar tree and make a prize bucket that the winner gets to pick one item from. So easy


  • Hot Dog Eating Contest (or practically any kind of food like pie, watermelon, etc.)
  • Cookie Decorating Contest
  • Chalk Art Contest
  • Self-Portrait Drawing Blindfolded Contest
  • Drawing With Your Foot Contest
  • Drawing With Your Non-Dominant Hand Contest
  • Lip Sync Battle
  • Build The Highest House Of Cards Contest
  • Throw The Football (or any ball) The Farthest Contest
  • Hula Hoop Contest
  • Baby Picture Guessing Contest
  • Minute To Win It Games Contest
  • Pumpkin Carving Contest
  • Snowman Building Contest
  • Photo Contest (take the best photo within 5 minutes)
  • Make The Best Tik Tok Video (within 10 minutes)
  • Song Writing Contest (who can write the best song in 10 minutes)
  • Paper Airplane Contest


  • Video Game Tournament
  • Darts Tournament
  • Lawn Darts Tournament
  • Frisbee Golf Tournament
  • HORSE (basketball shooting tournament)
  • Water Balloon Toss Tournament
  • Rock Paper Scissors Tournament
  • Golfing/putt-putt Tournament

Scavenger Hunts

  • Church Scavenger Hunt (find things that are in the church)
  • Outdoor Scavenger Hunt (find things outdoors)
  • Colors Scavenger Hunt (find certain colors)
  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt (web-based content)
  • Phone Scavenger Hunt (find items on their phone)
  • Movie Scavenger Hunt (find certain things while you watch a movie)
  • Alphabet Scavenger Hunt (find 26 items one for each letter of the alphabet)
  • Numbers Scavenger Hunt (find certain numbers)
  • Store/mall/grocery Store Scavenger Hunt


  • Chubby Bunny Challenge (who can stick the most marshmallows in their mouth and still say “Chubby Bunny)
  • Lemon Challenge (eat a lemon with no reaction)
  • Chopsticks and Bean Challenge (set a timer and see how quickly and how many beans the youth can move with chopsticks)
  • Ball In The Air Challenge (who can keep a ball in the air the longest)
  • Exploding Watermelon Challenge (place larger rubber bands around a watermelon until they explode)
  • Memory Challenge (fill a table with a lot of items and have the youth look at the table for a couple of minutes, then attempt to write down all that they remember)
  • Egg Drop Challenge (provide materials to safely cushion an egg, such as bubble wrap, cloth, etc and see who can drop an egg from the highest spot without it breaking)


  • Crab Race
  • Walk Backwards Race
  • Run Backwards Race
  • Hop Race
  • Frog Jump Race
  • Egg And Spoon Race
  • Dress up Race
  • Balloon Race
  • Fill The Bucket With Water Race

Trivia Nights

  • Current Events Trivia
  • Movie Trivia
  • Candy Trivia
  • Sports Trivia
  • Bible Trivia
  • Music Trivia
  • Meme Trivia
  • Disney Trivia
  • American History Trivia
  • Celebrity Trivia
  • Science Trivia
  • Geography Trivia

If you have any ideas – add to the comments below! We would love to hear what’s working, or perhaps, not working for your youth group.

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