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Youth Group Resources is the result of several converging ideas.

  1. For the love of youth and ministry to teenagers.
  2. For the love of the Gospel and Jesus and His ministry with youth.
  3. A realization that there is a need for quick and high-quality resources to help lead youth groups across the globe.
  4. And to help youth groups and their leaders bloom where they are planted.

We have another website where back in 2018 we threw a little spaghetti on the wall, we created 50 no prep youth group games and to this day it is consistently our one of our top posts each day and our site is about spiritual formation!

Since our youth group resources were doing so well on our spiritual formation site, we decided to create a whole new site dedicated to the world of youth group and to the people who lead teens in Christ.

We are a married couple since 2008 and have master’s degrees from Denver Seminary and both of us individually have been youth ministers throughout out ministry careers. We actually have well over 20 years of experience in youth ministry.

The face of youth ministry and youth group is morphing and changing and for a lot of you out there, a big youth group night means having 15 kids show up. And another trend is that the professional youth minister, the person hired to do ministry to the church, is an evaporating job as the church is facing a lot of financial needs. So a lot of people leading youth group are people who simply love youth at the church they go to.

Our site exists to help you whether you are a trained, hired, paid, or volunteer youth group leader essential resources every youth group and their leader’s needs.

As we are just getting legs under us, we will developing this site more and more in the coming months.

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